about eve

Eve Gutzman is a Graphic Designer with a background in Fine Arts. Her work includes a mixture of both digital and traditional mediums. Her most recent work deals with the idea of transcendence, space and proximity.

Gallery shows:
"Pink Chill" TedxMinneapolisSalon "Reverb" 
At McPhail College of Music Oct 21st, 2016

"Pink Chill" FVQ # 4 at Yeah Maybe Dec 1st, 2016

"Pink Chill" Party At the Free Space December 30th, 2016

"Vj Sample Clips" Snowta Dec 31st. 2016
"Demo Reel" Better world Museum  2017
"Pink Chill: FVQ# 5 altered asthetics 2017
Guest Artist at Better World Museum 2017
"Nebraska Slim" FVQ #7 Hinderance 2017

Featured in:

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